“Philosopher’s with Clubs” The Factions consist of groups that believe in a certain paradigm that shapes their entire view on life and reality.

Since they were dismissed from Sigil, some moved back to their home planes and others just renounced their status as a Faction and remained in Sigil, pretty much unchanged.
Factions are still actively recruiting around the planes, and especially in the gate-towns.

House rules:
PrCs for Factions in Chapter 3 of the Planewalker PDF are allowed but will need minor modification to Pathfinder. If you are interested, talk to me so we can work it out.
We are not using any of the Alternate System listed.

Faction Ranks:
Recruit: Namer – Will occasionally work for the Faction and hold their beliefs
Journeyman: Factotum – Works for the Faction full time
Master: Factor – Administrators of a Faction
Leader: Factol

Displaced Factions:
Athar(around the base of the Great Spire), Doomguard(Negative Quasielemental Planes, Abyss), Fated(Ysgard, Glorium), Fraternity of Order(Mechanus, Automata), Harmonium(Arcadia, Upper Planes), Revolutionary League(cells everywhere), Mind’s Eye(Hinterlands), Ring-Givers(Ysgard, Sigil)

No Longer Factions, but continue to exist in Sigil:
Bleak Cabal (Pandemonium, Bedlam), Dustmen(Negative Energy Plane, Mortuary), Free League(All gate-towns), Society of Sensation(Arborea), Transcendent Order(Elysium), Xaositects(Limbo)

Became Guilds:
Sons of Mercy(Bytopia), Sodkillers(Archeron) Both of whom now serve as the law enforcement

Athar: “The Lost” Deities are unworthy of worship. They are just beings with a lot of power, but are just as flawed as anyone else.

Bleak Cabal: “Bleakers” The multiverse has no meaning or purpose. Individuals must find their own reasons and motivations. Very humanitarian…when they are not overly depressed.

Doomsguard: “Sinkers” Entropy is the only constant in the universe. They either believe it needs to be spear or stopped, depending on the individual.

Dustmen: “Dusties” This life is a Shadow of real existence. Everyone is dead and is stuck in this substitute reality. They prepare themselves for the True Death to go to the next stage of existence by removing all emotions.

Fated: “Takers” Life is tough and it is survival of the fittest. Everyone has the right to do whatever it takes to survive. Those who do not fight for it, do not deserve to live. Their Factol is blamed for starting the war and they are widely despised.

Fraternity of Order: “Guvners” To understand the laws of the multiverse is to be able to influence it. To exploit these rules is to control it.

Free League: “Indeps” Everyone should be free from authority and factions. Believe in your own beliefs.

Harmonium: “Hardheads” Peace can only be achieved by getting everyone to believe in the same ideas. Everyone must become part of the Harmonium.

Mind’s Eye: “Seekers” The multiverse is a testing ground for self improvement and discovery. Doing so will allow them to move to the next stage of existence. Their surroundings are their playground.

Revolutionary League: “Anarchs” Freedom from authority, and liberate the planes from superior powers. Anarchists.

Ring-Givers: “Bargainers” Material possessions weigh you down. To be free, you need to give up your worldy possessions. By doing so, the multiverse will reward you.

Society of Sensation: “Sensates” Breadth of experience equal power. To experience something is to understand it, so one must seek out all sorts of sensations.

Sodkillers: “Brutes” Violence solves all issues. Enough force and resolve any problem.

Sons of Mercy: “Martyrs” Serve as role models of Good and help others. Laws are sometimes corrupt and prevent you from achieving Good.

Transcendent Order: “Ciphers” Unify mind and thought. Disregard hesitation and rely on instinct. They tend to be mediators for conflicts.

Xaositects: “Chaosmen” Disorder is the natural state of the multiverse. By loosing the shackles of reason and conformity, can you be free and strong.


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